Not only a brand, CELLAID is also the advocator and practitioner of a natural-health lifestyle.

Since established in 2006, we have always been upholding the business purposes-- “keeping health with excellent product, creating future with humanized service” . With the enterprise spirit of “Win with diligence,hope with innovation”, we devote to help people achieve the dream of natural health.. CELLAID represents an attitude of holding health in their own hands and trying best to help others.

Core culture:  Regimen with Taoism, health with harmony.
Core values:  Improving wisdom, reaching peak of life.
Our mission:  Let everyone realize the dream of Natural Health.




1. The blue LOGO not only represents the organic combination of sea and technology, but also the harmony between the nature and human society, which interprets the natural-health faith----Regimen with Taoism, health with harmony.

2. CELLAID’s triangle LOGO means “Earth”, it represents the solid fundamental of our company. As we put emphasis on the value of our customers, colleagues together with our company, it will form a solid foundation for our market. Customers, colleagues and together with our company that we emphasis are the three key points form a solid foundation of market.

3.In the middle of the triangle there is a Taiji diagram, which means infinite running and health,as well as expressing the endless succession of CELLAID’s development . The Taiji diagram also implies two significant factors for the advancement of corporation, namely “Heaven” and “Human”. The Circle represents “Heaven”. It means the aim of our company, which is “to realize the dream of natural health”. The S-shaped curve is not only the first letter of CELLAID’s Chinese Name---Saiding, but stands for “Human”. Human resource strategy is crucial for our company.

4. The entire CELLAID’ LOGO suggests an organic combination of the Heaven, Earth and Human. Besides, the perfect match of shape and color means that everyone can enjoy natural- healthy life with the support of CELLAID’s products and ideas.




Keeping health with best product, creating future with humanized service.

Established in 2006,  Shanghai Cellaid Bio-technology Corporation has been devoting to the promotion of CELLFOOD, upholding the business purposes--“keeping health with best product, creating future with humanized service” .
In 2007,CELLFOOD sales rapidly developed in whole China, with the faith of natural-health.
In 2008,CELLAID became the member of Health Industry Development And Promotion Association.
In2009,CELLAID was the executive director of China Health Care Association.
In 2010, CELLFOOD was exhibited in the USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010.
In 2011, CELLFOOD contributed to aerobic training.
In 2012, CELLAID became the executive director of Shanghai science and Technology Enterprises Federation, and the CCTV golden-booth partner.
Chen Ding,using CELLFOOD, wins the Men’s 20km race walk ,and break the world record at the London 2012 Olympic games.
In 2013, CELLAID put forward the faith “natural health lifestyle”,and obtained stage achievements of anti-Counterfeiting actions.
In 2014, CELLAID widely popularized the natural-health-lifestyle faith .We also introduced CELLFOOD Oxygen Gel, successively established two item corporations SaiLu and SaiHeng , which greatly enriched natural health product line .



and Strategy

Cooperative Agency     Strategic Partner
· Enterprise Channel
· The Nutrition Center Of Sports Medicine Institute Of State General Administration of Sports.
· Chendu Ironman Triathlon
· 7/24 International Self-Care Day
· The USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010
· NuScience Corporation
· The USA Jalon Corporation.


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